Donnie Green, self-taught/outsider artist was born August 28, 1964 in Richmond, VA. He flunked art class and dropped out of high school to pursue interests in the world of sex, drugs and rock and roll. Only after sinking into the murky depths of depravity, was he swallowed whole and regurgitated from the belly of the rock and roll beast. By 1997, after temporarily abandoning his reckless ways, he sought comfort in the arms of an old friend… painting.                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Since 1997, Donnie has created a body of work that is of jaw-dropping magnitude, combining influences of celtic art, mystical symbolism, dream imagery, scenes from his own misunderstood life, chaos, rage, and more recently he’s delved into the triumph and tragedy of pop culture. His mysterious, boldly colorful and beautifully rendered oil paintings pull the viewer inside and drag them through an uncharted journey through the corridors of his intense, multidimensional human psyche.

 Donnie has shown his work in many group and solo exhibitions, both locally and nationally. He has been featured in local and national publications. In 2003, he organized and curated, Richmond’s First Underground Arts Festival. His work is included in several well-known collections, including the personal collections of Charlie Sheen and Shooter Jennings.